Calvary Christian School 7th grader Christopher
Stimming is Baseball Central's Allstar for the
month of September.

For the 12-year-old, baseball is about being part of a
team and making friends, and more seriously, about hitting a ball.

Right-handed or left-handed, Stimming is a contact hitter, his primary goal to put the ball in play and move baserunners over. And his record speaks for itself ... he drives in more runs than anyone else on his team ... 500 to 600 to date, his father Bill estimates.

"I'm not that big and don't hit too many homeruns," he says, "but I hit a lot of line drives ... I'm a singles and doubles hitter."

Primarily a second baseman and pitcher, Stimming has been a regular at Baseball Central for the past six years with TJ Runnells, Alex Anguiano and Elvis Nelson lending their hitting
expertise, and Shawn Chacon working on the facility veteran's pitching prowess.

Currently his training has revolved around developing his switch hitting skills, working on his left-handed batting. BC has helped him to be one of the best hitters and pitchers on all his teams, he says. Playing Pony League Baseball at Pacific Palisades through last season, Stimming -- an Allstar player -- is also a member of the Arsenal 12U A team, based out of Santa Monica.

At school Stimming combines an A-student academic record, with several other athletic endeavors including playing for his school's basketball, volleyball and flag football teams. His favorite classes are math and phys ed.

When he's away from the diamond and school, Stimming can be found in Venice and Malibu honing his surfing skills or at home tinkling the ivories ... frequent lessons have made him quite an accomplished pianist.

As to the future, Stimming would love to play ball in the MLB, for the LA Dodgers if he gets the choice, in the middle infield -- shortstop or second base -- or on the mound as a starting pitcher.